Puppy Advice Consultation

Whether you have a puppy for the first time or if you would like to have specialist advice on all aspects of puppy care, our nurses would be delighted to provide a Puppy Advice Consultation. This consultation will be tailored to you and your puppy’s individual needs, and during your appointment, the nurse will talk you through all of the important aspects of puppy care so that both you and your puppy enjoy your time together.

If you have never had a puppy, the nurse will talk you through all aspects of care: how to feed and house train your new pet, how to take care of its hygiene, and how to make it feel safe when you leave the house.

A Puppy Advice Consultation will ensure you receive all the information you need, as we believe this is best approached by taking the time to listen to all your concerns. If you have a specific problem or would like specialist advice on puppy care, contact us to book a Puppy Consultation.

Puppy Advise Consultation