Dogs and cats are prone to infections with many different types of parasites. Many of these can cause significant disease and even affect the health of the people they come into contact with. Fortunately we are able to control these very efficiently with very effective and safe medications.

The common parasites are external parasites like fleas, ticks, mites and lice and internal parasites like intestinal worms, lung and heart worm as well as protozoa like Giardia.   

The risk of parasite infection is dependent on your pet’s exposure to risk factors. These are mostly environmental. Whilst pets that go outdoors are more exposed to parasites, indoor animals can still get infected. We recommend treatments that prevent external, internal and intestinal parasites for pets going outdoors. These treatments are prescribed under the guidance of a veterinarian.

We advise you to assess the best treatment for your pet in your individual situation by booking an appointment.

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