Neutering your pet is a simple and safe surgical procedure that reduces unwanted pregnancies and improves your pets overall health and behaviour.

Spaying a female dog before her first heat reduces the incidence of mammary cancer by up to 95%, this is by far the most common cancer we see in female dogs.

In dogs we recommend keyhole or laparoscopic surgery as being the procedure of choice for spaying. This surgery is far more precise and recovery is much quicker, in addition the complication rate is lower and there is less pain on recovery. 

Spays are carried out as a day surgery, your pet is admitted to hospital in the morning after a 12 hours of fasting. In most situations internal sutures are used, which prevents interference and hence is safest for your pet.

Please contact our receptionist to book your pet in or to book an appointment with a veterinary surgeon to discuss the best care for your individual pets requirements.

Roehampton Vets Laparoscopic Spay