It is legal requirement that dogs carry identification that contains the owner’s name and contact details.

We recommend Microchipping for all your animals. Microchipping is a simple procedure that is undertaken in a consultation.

 Microchipping offers proof of ownership and aids in your animal’s recovery if they are lost. Microchipping is a simple and easy way of permanently identifying your animal, and is one of the requirements of the Pets Travel Scheme. A tiny implant is inserted during a consultation. The microchip is inert and can be read by an external reading device. The microchip contains a number that is linked to your pet’s details and registered with a pet log.

 The RSPCA, animal wardens, police, and veterinary surgeons all have microchip readers and can contact you via the microchip company’s pet log register. Your contact details are easy to amend if they change. It is important that the information held is current, so if there are any changes to your address or contact details, or there is a change of ownership, pet log should be informed.

If you wish your pet to be microchipped, please book a consultation with a Veterinary Surgeon.

Microchipping jab