Dental Care

Healthy teeth and gums are very important for our pets overall health. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is one of the most significant things we can do to help our pets have a long life. Diseased teeth and gums cause chronic pain and allow bacteria to grow and enter the body’s blood stream, which can damage the internal organs like the heart, kidneys and liver. Our pets rely on us to take care of them and their teeth. Your pet can’t tell you when they are in pain, hence many owners do not recognise dental problems.

What to look out for:

  • Bad breath
  • Tooth discolouration
  • Red or bleeding gums

What to do

  • Regular Dental Check up’s

Remember dental disease is mostly preventable and early detection will enable us to safe the teeth and keep your pet healthy.

Please book an appointment with a nurse for regular dental check- ups. We recommend 6 monthly dental check-ups.

  • Preventative Care

Book an appointment with a nurse for a dental consultation, she will give you advice on all aspects of dental care:

  • Tooth brushing
  • Suitable Diet
  • Chews, mouthwash and plaque off
  • Dental Treatments

We offer a range of dental treatments including tartar removal by dental scaling, followed by dental polishing and hygiene.  We also offer dental X-rays for more extensive investigation of dental problems.