Complementary Medicine

Animals have evolved using herbs and diets as their main medicine, and their bodies are very sensitive to this mode of support. Richard Bleckman has been using herbal medicine, flower remedies and nutritional supplements for more than 20 years to treat many medical and emotional conditions and to assist the efficacy of conventional medicines.  Herbal medicine and supplements can also be used to counteract and minimise the adverse side effects of conventional medicines, for example reducing liver disease caused by antiepileptic medicines.  In many situations we can use these products to prevent the development of disease later in life. Using these traditional therapies we can extend the range of conditions we are able to treat.

Richard has used his training as a herbalist to develop his own range of formulae to treat specific conditions in dogs and cats, and this has been very successful in many conditions including heart, liver, and skin conditions where we often use these therapies as our first line of treatment. The safety and efficacy of these treatments has been well established over many years of use, and Richard offers consultations in Western, Oriental and Chinese herbal medicine as well as in nutritional medicine for dogs and cats, either as a standalone therapy, or in conjunction with conventional medicine.


Complimentary Medicine