Expert Referral Vet in London

Roehampton Veterinary Clinic is a veterinary referral surgical centre, providing expert veterinary referral services within London and South West England. The clinic is carefully designed, ensuring the highest quality of surgical care. 

Richard Bleckman is a highly skilled and experienced Veterinary Surgeon. He has worked as a referral surgeon for over 40 years in orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery and has also specialised in Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Paul Aggarwal specialises in dermatology, and holds a post-graduate certificate in veterinary dermatology.

The clinic possesses an extensive range of the highest quality diagnostic and surgical equipment to ensure an optimal outcome. Our operating theatre is a self-contained unit with specially-designed positive pressure air-conditioning. We stock a vast range of orthopaedic implants, so we are always prepared for emergency surgery.


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