My Pet Loves Going to the Vets!

Seventeen years ago, Richard Bleckman set up Roehampton Veterinary Clinic, which has gained a reputation for excellent diagnostic and surgical services including minimally invasive surgery, and is also known for its compassionate approach. Richard combined the wisdom from Eastern medicine with cutting edge modern medicine and surgery, and has made the core of his business what is most fundamental to him as a Buddhist practitioner: compassionate care.

“We have placed great emphasis on training our staff in compassion and care for every work process, from mindfulness when handling instruments, client information or medicines, to interacting and touching patients with kindness and care."

With most diagnostics in house, we are able to offer diagnosis and treatment quickly and effectively. Early diagnosis and treatment make a real difference to our patient’s outcome. As a result we see that a large majority of our patients like coming to see us. We receive on-going reports from clients that their pet loves going to the vets, dogs pulling into the clinic and charging into the consult room to greet the vet. Pussycats relaxing and lying down during consultation and doggies trying to pay us visits when being walked in the area. Whilst some patients remain fearful or nervous, we see that most animals are happy and relaxed when coming to see us.”