Integrative Medicine - 'Changing the Way Veterinary Medicine is Practised'

Richard Bleckman, founder and director of Roehampton Veterinary Clinic, has studied numerous traditional medicines trying to find ways of treating chronic diseases. He searched for the cause of problems, rather then just treating symptoms. Through his inquisitive spirit Richard has pioneered bringing together conventional and complementary medicine and the research-based science of functional medicine.

Richard works with a patient-centered model of medicine that considers the best approach for each individual animal. He is using the wisdom of cutting edge science and integrating proven aspects from the world’s medical traditions.

In diagnosis, Richard uses sophisticated laboratory investigation and advanced imaging diagnostics as well as energetic diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine. This enables him to look at all the different factors causing disharmony that we are calling ‘chronic disease’.

When formulating a treatment plan, Richard treats the core of the disease as well as supporting the well-being and health of the patient. Being able to balance the body, he can often reduce medication required to control fluctuations like seizures in epilepsy as well as balance side effects of pharmacological drugs.

Treatments can include the therapeutic modalities of conventional pharmacological drugs, diet, herbal medicine, acupuncture and energetic medicines. Richard’s aim is always to return an animal to as optimal health as possible with gentle and effective methods.

Richard Bleckman is well-renowned, with 39 years experience as a referral veterinary surgeon. He holds diplomas in Eastern and Western herbal medicine, acupuncture, Chinese medicine and Tibetan medicine and is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine, Washington DC.

I have been extremely impressed by the use of complementary medicine in conjunction with conventional medicines and have seen wonderful results and extension of lifespans in many dogs in my care. Some examples are the use of complementary medicines to reduce the dosage of phenobarbitone needed to control epilepsy, the clearing of chronic bronchitis and the restoration and support of liver function.

Trudie James - Trustee and Founder of Doris Banham Dog Rescue