Dog Walks near Roehampton Vets – Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park

Paradise for Poochies

Not only poochies enjoy the fresh spring feeling and many floral scents in Isabella Plantation but so do we, their owners.  There are not many horticultural gardens of such splendid nature where dogs are allowed access. Personally I think this is more of a place for poochies, who enjoy strolling and don’t mind needing to go on the lead.  

We got up early to avoid the crowds on the first May bank holiday- a good move as this spectacular flower display is very popular. Our blond Shih Tzu loves smelling the azaleas and many flowers whereas our adopted 14-year-old black and white Shih Tzu dame loves ‘benching’ and not having to be brought on a strenuous walk. 


This time Isabella is at it’s best with the azaleas and rhododendrons in full blossom. The camellias have just had their main season but some bushes are still holding up. 


Throughout the water pathway yellow hooded spathes of the American skunk cabbage grow alongside ferns surrounded by azaleas. If there is such a thing as fairies this is where they would live! 

The exuding magic is inevitable and one cannot help feeling happy gazing into the sea of intense blossoms.  

A very special place is also the ‘magic pond’, surrounded by azaleas and woodlands - very much a photography feature. Several photographers are patiently waiting with their tripods carefully positioned for the many I-Phone photographers to move on to catch the perfect shot of the colour display and water reflections. 

How to get to Isabella Plantation: click here for Google Map

 From Roehampton Veterinary Clinic: entry through Roehampton Gate