Richard Bleckman

Richard Bleckman

BVSc(Hons), MRCVS Principle Veterinary Surgeon & Director

Vet of the Year award 2000, Animal Health Trust

Nominee Vet of the year 2014, Pet Plan

Richard Bleckman is the founder and principal veterinary surgeon of Roehampton Veterinary Clinic. Richard is a renowned veterinary surgeon with more than 40 years of experience as a referral veterinary surgeon, and has been practicing in South West London for more than 30 years.

In April 2000, Richard won the prestigious Animal Health Trust award of Vet of the Year, a national award for outstanding service to his clients and their pets.

Richard and his wife Denise custom-designed the veterinary hospital on Treville Street to create an inviting place of wellbeing for clients and their pets, as well as to integrate clinical facilities of the highest hospital standards. The clinic was founded in 2000.

Richard is a visionary leader of Veterinary Integrative Medicine. He pioneered the bringing together of conventional medicine with Complimentary Medicine, and the research based science of Functional Medicine. By integrating these approaches Richard has been able to extend the range of treatment options and outcomes for the animals he treats.

Constantly striving for the best possible treatments and wanting to help animals in the most compassionate and skilful ways, Richard has studied many of the great world traditions of medicine. He holds diplomas in Eastern and Western Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Tibetan Medicine. Since 1995, Richard has also been a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine, based in Washington DC.

Richard graduated with honours from Sydney University in 1978. After two years in surgical practice at a large Veterinary Hospital he was invited to return to the University surgery department to do a residency in surgery, and thereafter to take a position as lecturer in surgery and obstetrics. 

In 2003 he completed an 18-month diploma in Ultrasonography.

Richard has been a practicing buddhist for over 40 years. The buddhist principle of compassion and respect for all beings is a central inspiration to his work as a veterinary surgeon. The Buddha’s teachings on interdependence clearly show that our dear pets’ health and happiness depend on happy homes. The basis of this is a good and sane society, based on care and stewardship of the environment and our planet. 

In 1982 Richard held the position of Co-Director of the Sydney Wilderness Society, and his love of nature had led him to take an active role in preventing the destruction of some pristine rainforests. His campaigns received world coverage, which resulted in the Australian government having to resign and part of South West Tasmania becoming a UNESCO World Heritage region. 

In 2015 Richard and Denise dedicated their passion for nature and founded a Gondwana rainforest regeneration project in Natural Bridge, Queensland, Australia.  

Richard is father of twin boys and lives with his wife and two dogs, Pebbles and Nina, in Tooting.

Gondwana rainforest,  Australia.